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Conway Real Estate

window in brick wall

Conway is short drive from the Grand Strand (about 15 miles from the Atlantic). The downtown area of this historic town along the Waccamaw River is home to an array of shopping, dining, and scenic views. Conway was founded in 1734, and is home to rich history, both American and natural.

Downtown Conway is alive with activity most days and evenings as busy business people get off and begin to enjoy the diner scene and live entertainment. Throughout the year, the Theatre of the Republic features live plays and other venues feature live music and festivals. A drive through Conway will take visitors down winding streets built around protected live oaks. Several historical markers and placards grace the downtown area, providing history buffs and visitors alike with a view into the city’s past.

Unlike Myrtle Beach, the best way to get the most out of your time here is probably by foot. The main attractions are all within a few blocks for the most part. There is free parking available along the streets as well as several public parking lots. So find your park, and make your way to Main Street. Main Street is  best starting point for any self-guided tour. There, you’ll find shops like PaPa’s General Store, and restaurants such as The Trestle, which is a fantastic bakery and deli. The Theatre of the Republic is also located on Main Street.

Venture off of Main Street onto 3rd Avenue and Laurel Street and you will find an array of popular venues. You’ll find several boutiques, jewelers, and dining establishments! As far as fine dining goes, you can’t beat Rivertown Bistro or Crooked Oak Tavern. Both of these restaurants will leave you feeling full and impressed! Some of the newer dining destinations include the amazing Whitakers, a craft cocktail and sushi bar, as well as Hop n’ Witch which features amazing craft food and beer.

Some of the best times to visit downtown Conway are during one of the many festivals and other events throughout the year. These include food and drink festivals, seasonal and holiday festivals, and more. (See events calendar). Visiting Conway during one of these great events, or really anytime, will allow you to become immersed in one of the greatest towns in our area. You’ll quickly see why so many choose to call it home!

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