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Should You Get a Re-Inspection?

Should You Get a Re-Inspection?

Most home buyers know that getting a qualified home inspector to do a home inspection prior to closing on a home is a good idea. But what about a re-inspection? Ultimately, the decision to get a re-inspection is up to the home buyer. However, there are some cases that I highly recommend getting the home re-inspected by your home inspector. A re-inspection takes place after the seller indicates that the repairs have been made.

Here are a few cases that I would definitely recommend a re-inspection.

  • Structural Repairs
  • Repairs made in hard to see areas (Attics, crawl spaces, etc.)
  • Repairs to major systems (Electrical, Plumbing, etc)
  • Roof Leaks
  • Water Damage/Mold

A re-inspection is often very cheap, especially compared to the costs of improperly repaired issues located after closing. You as the buyer have the choice to re-inspect, and depending on the issues in your repair list you may feel comfortable skipping the re-inspection. However, always know you have that option!

If you need a referral to a qualified home inspector, feel free to reach out for a referral to one of our trusted home inspection companies!


My name is Ford Duncan, and I am a Real Estate Advisor and the Operations Manager with Duncan Group Properties in Conway, South Carolina. I have extensive experience in both the resale and new construction markets, as well as working with real estate investors. Thanks for checking out my blog post!

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